It’s a LIFE CHANGING experience”!!!
Nelly worked with me on Breathing technique, and the session was so intense to the point I experienced instant changes and shifts both on the emotional and physical levels, wherein stress melted away “just like magic”!!!
I highly recommend booking your session NOW with Nelly, to undergo a “One of the Kind” experience; and trust me, the change on the emotional and physical levels is INSTANT. I’ve tried lots and lots of meditation, hypnosis, and therapeutic techniques, but this specific one; HEALING THROUGH BREATHWORK technique, is the MOST POWERFUL.


Thank you for being the push I needed to turn my life over, see clearly, and be present. The exercise you gave me to look into the mirror and describe what I see got me into 20 min of tears and has been literally the start of a great journey. I am happy to clearly see my soul now and have never loved myself more. I hope you touch as many people as you can because you really do make a difference.

Mona Herbz

At first I didn’t believe what the healing through breath-work could do! but after the result I would def recommend it to my friends!



The experience was enlightening as well as comforting in certain aspects.
For a new experience the results were not as I expected neither was the experience itself. I’m glad that I did it.

Layal Gebran

It was an unexpected experience, I never thought for a minute that my subconscious and unconscious was under that amount of pressure.

Abir Nasr

It was an unforgettable experience, I was freed from some demons inside my head that I’ve been living with for so long. I’ve only done one session so far but the effect of this session is tremendous.

Dounia Abbas

It was a new experience, never expected that I would enjoy, helped me on several sides, would like to do it again.  

Mazen Baz

I began my treatment in hypnotherapy with the hopes of healing my depression, low self-esteem, self-worth, self-doubt, anxiety, emotional eating, and overall constant sadness I felt. In the small amount of time working with my therapist, Daniel Rizk, I no longer have any anxiety, I have not experienced the low days I used to have from depression, I no longer emotionally eat, and I feel a happiness and completeness I have never felt before. You can literally see the change in my face. The sadness in my eyes is gone. My self-confidence is constantly getting better. I still have work to do, but the changes I have already experienced are truly amazing.
If you are struggling with any areas of your life, then this therapy can help you. Hypnotherapy, guided by Daniel’s honest care and compassion for your healing, makes this treatment undeniable and life changing. I am forever grateful for the treatment I have received.
Merci Daniel Rizk, À bientôt.

Lara Abi Rizk

The image of My soul, energy and most importantly my self, were brought into my sight, a different kind of sight. The sight within my eyes not in front of them. I can’t say how thankful I am for that experience, and I can’t explain this new perspective and lifestyle, all i can say is that I’m different now, not a different person, I’m the person that was born to be this not just any creature walking on earth, I’m now surfing the universe and even wider. this is all through hypnotherapy/healing. I wish everyone can experience what I did. After all ‘repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye up to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here’. Thank you Dr. Daniel Rizk for making me visit utopia with your blessings!

Ghewa Nasr