By booking a code from the below set, you can agree with your investigator on a discounted rate according to the applied therapy after your first consultation.

You can get a quote for the consultation once you contact CIA.

Code Alpha

A set of 3 sessions 

Code Beta

A set of 10 sessions

Code Gamma  

A set of 24 sessions

Permanent instigator

Maintenance and consultancy only applicable after code booking.

The new year awakening

A set of 8 sessions spread over 2 months period in Starting on October 20 until December 20 to start the new year with a new YOU. 

The pre-wedding fixture

We know you have a lot of expenses and stresses right before the wedding the reason we created this package for you to benefit from on all levels. It is preferable to take this set of life-changing 3 sessions a year prior to the wedding date.