A permanent researcher on hypnotherapy with a passion on how the mind functions, Daniel Rizk has pioneered in his hypnosis skills establishing communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. He created the Mental Spa technique, an anti-stress technique that combines hypnotic suggestions and spiritual awakening.

He is a firm believer in the power of the human mind to change the unchangeable in order to achieve whatever goals instigators set. When the client is dedicated to Daniel’s therapy process the results are non-debatable.

Daniel thrives on assisting instigators to break bad habits, gain confidence, and reach new personal heights. He teaches his clients how to use their mind and intuition more effectively. Holding the vision that each person has the ability to take charge of their personal evolution, he contributes to human development and sustainability using motivational techniques and positive reinforcement to tap into their personal strengths in order to create harmony, inner peace, and well-being.

He has dealt successfully with different cases of pain management, weight control, confidence and stress reduction amongst many other positive and powerful life changes in the areas of: spiritual growth, relationships, past life regression, radical forgiveness coaching, dealing with childhood traumas, chronic sleep disorder, and recovering buried memories, etc.

He expanded his studies to include energy healing through quantum touch therapy, and Sujok [Vietnamese Medicine] along Chinese Medicine, to provide a holistic therapeutic process alongside his emotional release breath-work studies.

In parallel to his investigative therapy practice, Daniel currently proceeds with his doctorate degree in Metaphysical Psychology [Ph.D] while teaching a life improvement course entitled DWP aiming to create an aware community of youth.


Building on her Strategic Design background with several positions she held in Advertising, Marketing, Design, and Business Consultancy work after acquiring her Masters in Strategic Design from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy, Nelly helped entrepreneurs and start ups reach sustainable development and shifted her process towards the personal development of individuals with her strong belief that the wellbeing of the parts ends up creating a greater whole. [Referring to Aristotle’s quote: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”]

Her career led her to become a therapist in order to empower entrepreneurs to deal with their fears and emotions. Having discovered her passion helping people to develop their personal growth, Nelly started working with individuals as a hypnotherapist and a healer through breathing techniques while currently pursuing her Ph.D in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

She holds a degree in Psychological diagnostics and Assessment from Tomsk State University, Certified as Hypnotherapist and Self-Hypnosis teacher from Cal Banyan Institute, Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists NGH, and Member of the Lebanese Syndicate of Hypnotherapy.

Her expertise matured with successful cases of overcoming addictions, harassment and sexual abuse, working with children, couples therapy, self-love, and woman empowerment. She also leads a circle for woman working on feminine energy. 

A permanent learner on ways to bring about change and growth to instigators, Nelly’s efforts in  applying a holistic approach has led her to investigate deeper into the nutrition area where she holds an introductory degree from Stanford University, paralleled with in-depth research on Ayurvedic nutrition and medicine. She applies her knowledge in the making of a natural line of products and most successfully soaps that treat several skin imbalances.