Our hypno-parenting training is designed for parents who are interested in raising happy children.

Taking care of the mental wellbeing of your child’s development can be a challenging task; with hypo-parenting you will be equipped with the tools that allow you to have the family you have always dreamed of having.

What if you knew what others wished they had known?

Get certified with “Best Parents” after completing the 4 required sessions with our hypno-parenting coaches Nelly Baz and/or Daniel Rizk.

Hypno-Parenting training will offer you the opportunities and the benefits of:

  • Understanding how your mind works.
  • Understanding the power of your words and actions.
  • Understanding how to bring about your role as a parent, allowing your children to live their lives.
  • Discovering your child objectively.
  • Learning to focus on the useful.
  • Learning ways to reinforce positive suggestions.
  • Learning a simple technique of letting go.
  • Learning to appreciate how your child’s mind works.
  • Discovering the power of “being ok”.

“A happy child at home results in a healthy atmosphere.” NELLY BAZ

Two options are available:

•You may join a Hypno-Parenting class

•You and your partner may take private sessions.

Get in touch for any additional clarifications.