CIA is a therapeutic clinic that adopts an innovative approach to therapy.

Therapy works by investigating the human mind in order to figure the blockages that are creating any malfunction.

Blockages are identified by triggers leading to several consequences which can affect the decision making process, behavioral patterns, unhealthy habits, even physical sickness and chronic diseases.

CIA stands for conscious investigation awareness.

The innovation is extended to the several combined types of therapy/investigation used as well as the new approach to therapy whereas the client is no longer judged as a patient, but celebrated as an instigatora person who brings about or initiates something new to the world.

We made the decision to take this approach with our instigators for several reasons, among which we can cite today

  • The client’s subconscious mind is tricky, and it is only through a thorough investigation via us, the investigators, and your conscious mind, that we can achieve results and change.
  • We apply the extensive studies on body language and micro expression making sure the investigation process flows smoothly.

The underlying work of a therapist is investigating the awareness of the conscious mind. By expanding the awareness we would be allowing the conscious mind to dive deeper in order to include the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind, creating consciousness and control over one’s self, thoughts, and behavior.