Why become an instigator rather than a client or a patient?

Are you really waiting for us to answer you?

First of all, you are not sick thus you cannot be a patient.

Second, the connotation of a client does not include the sense of belonging and responsibility you have towards the CIA process.

Therefore, an instigator you are!

An instigator is someone who brings about  or initiates something. And since you are the one looking for improvement, growth, and wellness, you are the most sane non-patient being we have encountered. We love investigating instigators like yourself! Our promise is to shed the light on you until you learn to shine with your own light.



It’s a LIFE CHANGING experience”!!!
Nelly worked with me on Breathing technique, and the session was so intense to the point I experienced instant changes and shifts both on the emotional and physical levels, wherein stress melted away “just like magic”!!!
I highly recommend booking your session NOW with Nelly, to undergo a “One of the Kind” experience; and trust me, the change on the emotional and physical levels is INSTANT. I’ve tried lots and lots of meditation, hypnosis, and therapeutic techniques, but this specific one; HEALING THROUGH BREATHWORK technique, is the MOST POWERFUL.


I began my treatment in hypnotherapy with the hopes of healing my depression, low self-esteem, self-worth, self-doubt, anxiety, emotional eating, and overall constant sadness I felt. In the small amount of time working with my therapist, Daniel Rizk, I no longer have any anxiety, I have not experienced the low days I used to have from depression, I no longer emotionally eat, and I feel a happiness and completeness I have never felt before. You can literally see the change in my face. The sadness in my eyes is gone. My self-confidence is constantly getting better. I still have work to do, but the changes I have already experienced are truly amazing.
If you are struggling with any areas of your life, then this therapy can help you. Hypnotherapy, guided by Daniel’s honest care and compassion for your healing, makes this treatment undeniable and life changing. I am forever grateful for the treatment I have received.
Merci Daniel Rizk, À bientôt.

Lara Abi Rizk

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